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Direct selling is an important economic driver and
income generator for thousands of Canadians

About our Industry

Direct selling provides the opportunity for nearly 1.4 million Canadians to experience financial growth and skill development. These independent sales consultants (ISCs), 84% of whom are women, help consumers across Canada to access quality products and services, while acting with ethics and integrity at all times.

About us

Our Impact on Canada’s Economy


$4.15 billion

in annual sales


$1.2 billion

in annual personal
revenue to ISCs


$1.3 billion

in annual taxes

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Direct selling is an important
financial and social outlet

Direct selling is an important financial and social outlet for those who become independent consultants, and for the communities in which they live. Whether promoting cosmetics, nutritional products, homewares, jewelry or other everyday essentials, direct sellers cherish this empowering opportunity.

Current consultations at the federal and provincial level, relating to the gig economy, have the potential to directly impact the direct selling industry, by limiting the flexibility of ISCs to work and earn when they want. It is crucial for regulators to understand that the success of ISCs, the direct selling channel and the economy more broadly is helped by access to flexible work arrangements, including independent contractor status.

More about
Our Impact
Send a letter now to your local federal election candidates, introducing them to the important role direct selling plays in Canada and asking them to ensure that independent contractor status for ISCs continues to be supported by the government. ​

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Campaign by the Direct Sellers Association of Canada.

Since 1954, the Direct Sellers Association of Canada has established and upheld rigorous standards, ethics and good business practices, as the recognized voice of the industry.

​The DSA is devoted to serving the direct selling industry in Canada – whether working on behalf of members to address issues of importance, providing member companies and their ISCs with support, educating the public on the benefits of direct selling, or ensuring consumer protection by enforcing the high standards set out in our Codes of Ethics & Business Practices.

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Campaign by the Direct Sellers Association of Canada.

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